How to Whistle With Your Fingers

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Whether you want to hail a cab or call your dog, learning to whistle has certain advantages. Since not everyone has a silver whistle hanging around his neck all the time, you may need to try another whistling method. While it is true that most people can whistle without using their fingers, those fingers really come in handy for the big powerhouse whistles. A really loud whistle for your favorite team can be achieved with the help of just two fingers.

Close your lips slightly. Practice lightly blowing air out of your mouth. You may be able to perform a more quiet whistle this way.

Try various combinations to find out which two fingers are the most comfortable for you to use. Many people find that the thumb and index finger on the chosen hand are preferable.

Place the thumb and index finger, or two fingers, together. They should meet at the tips. Push the two joined fingers up against your tongue. Force it into a slightly upward position.

Form the shape with your lips that you did in Step 1. Blow out air through your fingers and lips, building the force as you learn to whistle this way.

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