How to Use a Tactical Rifle Scope

How to Use a Tactical Rifle Scope

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Tactical rifle scopes are high-precision scopes that allow you to hit a target at great distances. A properly adjusted scope will allow you to accurately hit a target at a range of 1000 yards or more. Every shooter wants to hit the target dead on, whether it's a paper target or live game. A properly adjust tactical rifle scope will make the recreational use of your rifle more enjoyable and increase the accuracy of your shots.

Items you will need

  • Laser Range Finder

  • Binoculars

Adjust your tactical rifle scope for the distance at which you will be shooting the rifle. Your scope should be adjusted on a day when there is little wind, as this can affect the trajectory of your bullets and therefore alter the sighting of the scope.

Visit a rifle range to sight in your scope. There are three adjustments on your tactical rifle scope. The adjustments are generally knobs which can be turned. The knobs will make a clicking sound for each increment of adjustment. Sight in your scope by using the windage adjustment, the elevation adjustment, and the focus adjustment knobs until your shots are hitting the target dead center.

Take your rifle to your hunting area or your target range. If the distance to the target is different from the distance at which you sighted your scope, use a laser range finder to determine the distance to your target. Your tactical rifle scope has crosshair reticules, which are lines on the vertical axis and the horizontal axis, and each reticule will represent a distance from the center of the crosshairs. Based on the result of the range finder, align your target with one of the reticules on the vertical axis.

Turn the focus adjustment knob as necessary to keep your target in focus with your reticule lines.

Fire your rifle. Based on the results of your shot, you can make adjustments to the elevation knob on your tactical rifle scope. Use binoculars to see where your shot hit.


  • Always act as though a rifle is loaded, even if you know it isn't. Never point a rifle at a person.


  • Use ammunition from the same manufacturer and of the same type as when you sight in your tactical scope as when you use your rifle for hunting or target shooting.
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