How to Use a Rigger's Belt

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Rigger's belts are used in law enforcement, military and rescue departments. The belts are made of nylon webbing and reinforced hard ribber fixtures. Rigger's belts are made to hold pounds of equipment such as pistols and holsters, knives and batons, handcuffs, sheaths and rescue tools. The belts are made to hold the weight and gear without sagging, a handy thing when undergoing the vigorous activities associated with the departments. Rigger's belts are available through military supply stores for civilian use.

Thread the belt through your pants or shorts loop holes like any other belt. Most Rigger's belts are a standard 1 3/4 inches in width. As you thread the belt through the loops, thread any holsters or sheaths requiring the threading and continue until the belt is through each loop.

Pull the non-buckle end of the belt through the buckle on the opposite side, then bring it back and over and through once again, on the top slider. Pull the belt tight.

Slide the belt buckle rod through the end of the nylon strap so it locks the buckle into place.

Clip extra gear to the belt or to the belt's V-clip -- a special clip designed for additional gear.

Clip a rifle sling onto the V-clip and use it as a static point for getting more accurate shots.

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