How to Attach a Sling to Swivels

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Items you will need

  • Nylon sling

  • Long gun

  • 2 sling swivels

A sling is one of the most important accessories for your shotgun or rifle. It gives you a convenient method for carrying your rifle when traversing rough terrain or glassing the terrain with your binoculars. You can also use a nylon web sling to create a stable shooting platform. First, however, you must attach the sling to your gun properly. Installing a modern nylon or neoprene padded sling is a straightforward process.

    Identify the front and rear of the sling. If so equipped, the padded area is closer to the front of the sling and is slightly wider than towards the rear.

    Thread the free end of the rear portion of the sling through the rear swivel from front to back and then loop it back under.

    Pull the free end of the rear portion of the sling back towards the ladder lock and thread it back through to secure it in place.

    Thread the front portion of the sling, also known as the feed end, through the front swivel from the rear and then loop it back underneath.

    Pull feed end of the sling back towards the front ladder lock and thread it back through.

    Adjust the length of the sling by moving the rear ladder lock along the main sling loop towards the front or rear. Moving the ladder lock to the rear lengthens the sling, and moving it to the front shortens it.


    • Always make sure that your long gun is unloaded and cleared with any ammunition in a separate room before installing a sling or doing any work at all on it.