How to Use the Passport Potty

How to Use the Passport Potty

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Finding suitable facilities when camping, boating or taking long road trips can be difficult. The Passport Potty answers these needs by providing you with a full service portable toilet, wherever you may need one. The Passport Potty is a chemical toilet which is entirely self-contained and easy to use. The retail cost of a Passport Potty is around $100 as of January, 2011 and they are available in many camping, fishing and RV supply stores and online outlets.

Fill the water holding tank through the cap located at the rear right corner of the tank. Add any water treatment chemicals you may wish to use, as well. The tank can be separated from the rest of the unit for easier filling, by releasing the latch at the rear.

Add chemical deodorant to the waste tank, prior to use, if desired. Flush the toilet by pulling the handle at the front of the unit, and pressing it back it once flushed. Use only biodegradable toilet paper, designed for septic systems.

Monitor the waste tank levels, via the Waste Level Indicator ,on the left side of the bottom tank. A dark line will be visible in the gauge window as the tank fills. Empty the tank when the line reaches the top.

Remove the waste tank, by detaching the clip at the back of the unit and separating the two halves. Clean the waste tank by opening the drain plug -- and the air release valve -- before pouring out the contents, into a suitable receptacle. Wash out the tank with clean water, replace the air valve and the drain plug, and reassemble the unit.

Maintain your Passport Potty by regularly inspecting the rubber seals, and making sure all latches are closed and locked in transit.


  • Adding deodorant and waste dissolving chemical solutions to the waste tank will make emptying and cleaning your Passport Potty easier.
  • Keep your Passport Potty water tank full so the unit is ready for use.
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