Porta Potti 165 Instructions

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The Porta Potti 165, also known as the Thetford PP165, is a sealed two-piece portable toilet that consists of an upper fresh water tank and toilet seat with lid and a lower waste holding tank. The upper tank holds a little under 4 gallons/15 liters of water for flushing. The lower tank holds approximately 5 1/2 gallons/21 liters of waste for later disposal. Unlike a septic-system attached toilet, you must prepare your Porta Potti 165 manually for use and then dispose of the waste after it fills to a certain point.

Items you will need

  • Thetford toilet deodorant


Remove the fresh water tank on top of your Porta Potti from the waste holding tank on the bottom and set it aside.

Pour 4 oz. of water and Thetford SupremeGreen, Thetford Aqua-Kem or Thetford Campa-Chem deodorant into the waste holding tank and then close the valve by pushing in on the valve handle.

Return the fresh water tank to its original position. Remove the tank cap, fill the tank with water and then reattach the cap.

Lower the toilet lid if not already closed. Pull the valve handle out to open the valve and then push it in to close it.

Position the toilet on a flat, level surface in a privacy area for use.

Waste Collection

Lift the lid on your Model 165 Porta Potti and the use the toilet to collect waste as you would any household toilet. When finished, pull the valve handle out and close the lid.

Press down on the bellows pump to flush the toilet.

Push in the valve handle to close the valve.

Waste Disposal

Open the valve and look into the waste holding tank regularly to determine if the tank has filled to a point that requires you to empty it. If you see a lot of waste, push the valve handle in and then remove the fresh water tank.

Take the holding tank to a household or other toilet attached to a septic system.

Point the pour out spout up. Unscrew and remove the cap. Set the cap aside.

Hold the bottom of the tank against your body and lower the spout over the mouth of the toilet. Push and hold the air relieve valve. Pour the contents into the toilet.

Rinse out the tank with fresh water -- disposing of the rinse water down the toilet. When finished, screw the cap back onto the pour spout. Return the spout to its original position.

Refill the tank with deodorant and water. Reattach the fresh water tank and refill it with water if necessary.


  • Never put Theford deodorant in the fresh water tank.
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