How to Use a Muzzle Guard While Cleaning Your Gun

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A well-made gun is more than a weapon, it's a work of art. If you own fine weapons, you'll want to protect your investment. Cleaning your gun regularly is the best way to ensure that it stays in peak operating condition. One of the handiest little extras to use when cleaning your gun is a muzzle guard. This simple brass device prevents scratches and nicks that can disfigure your weapon and reduce its accuracy.

Items you will need

  • Gun

  • Muzzle guard

  • Gun cleaning supplies

Unload your gun, double checking that no rounds are left in the weapon. When cleaning or handling firearms, never assume a weapon is unloaded.

Insert the muzzle guard into the muzzle of the gun, putting the conical section of the guard into the muzzle. Position the guard so it is evenly seated in the barrel. The fit should be snug but not tight.

Insert your cleaning rod into the muzzle guard from the open end and use the rod as you normally would when cleaning the gun. With the muzzle guard in place, the rod will be kept out of contact with the crown (outer edge) of the muzzle, preventing nicks and scratches that can affect accuracy and lessen the weapon's cosmetic appeal.

When cleaning is done, remove the muzzle guard and store it with your other gun cleaning supplies.


  • Always unload your guns when not in use.


  • To keep your gun in top operating condition, clean it after every use.
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