How to Pull the Cleaning Rod Off of an AK47

How to Pull the Cleaning Rod Off of an AK47

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The AK-47 is one of the most popular military pattern rifles in the world. The AK-47 and its variants, such as the AKM, are readily available in both select-fire military iterations and semi-automatic civilian-legal sporting rifles. Removing the cleaning rod from an AK-47 is quick and easy to do, with the most important aspect being the safety precautions you should always follow whenever handling or disassembling a firearm.

Point the gun in a safe direction. This should be somewhere where no people, pets or valuable property are likely to be destroyed if the gun is fired.

Remove the magazine from the rifle. Open the chamber to visually verify that the gun is unloaded.

Place your thumb on the top of the barrel and the inside of your index finger on the underside of the cleaning rod, just forward of the lower hand guard. Apply pressure, squeezing the cleaning rod against the barrel.

Pull the cleaning rod toward the front of the muzzle while still applying pressure as in Step 3. The cleaning rod should slide all the way forward until it is removed.


  • All firearms are deadly weapons. Be sure to consult your owner's manual for safety guidelines before performing any firearms disassembly or maintenance.


  • Keep your fingers off the trigger and out of the trigger guard while performing firearms maintenance.
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