How to Use Kastmaster

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Acme Tackle Co. manufactures Kastmaster fishing lures for river, lake and saltwater fishing. The largest lure size available is four-ounces, which is appropriate for up to 30-pound test line. The lures feature a swivel hook to help prevent caught fish from twisting off the lure and can be used with or without bait. Kastmaster lures are available for trout, smallmouth bass, salmon, striper and several other types of fish.


Tie a Kastmaster 1/8-ounce CHNB lure to your fishing line using an improved clinch knot. To tie this know, thread the end of your line through the lure tie hook. Wrap the end of the line at least five times around the line that goes back to your reel. Take the end of the line through the loop that forms. Pull the knot tight and trim the end.

Cast against the current.

Pull the lure back going through deep holes and close to banks that have been undercut by the river.


Tie a 3/8-ounce chrome Kasmaster lure on your line using the improved clinch knot.

Cast your line.

Reel the lure in to fish for surface bass.

Allow the lure to sink and slowly reel it in to fish for deeper fish. Attaching a weight to the line before you cast will help the lure sink.


Tie a two-ounce CHNG Kastmaster lure on your line using the improved clinch knot.

Throw lake fish food or small-bite dog food into the water.

Cast the lure into the fish food after the fish are eating.

Reel the lure in smoothly to prevent scaring the fish. Reel the lure quickly to keep it floating on the surface of the water.


  • Be careful when tying the lure to prevent hook injuries.


  • Removing the lure from your line when you are not fishing will help prevent the lure from being damaged in storage.
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