How to Make Chum Buckets

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For the avid fisherperson or shark watcher, chum buckets are a necessity. However, purchasing prepared chum buckets can make your hobby an expensive habit. Once you make the initial investment in the tools necessary to make a chum bucket the cost to make your favorite bait becomes much more manageable. Always follow proper safety precautions when using a chum bucket to attract the monsters of the sea.

Items you will need

  • Fish

  • 4-gallon plastic bucket with lid

  • 5-gallon plastic bucket with lid

  • Meat grinder

  • Drill with 1/2 -inch bit

  • Large freezer

  • Nylon cable

  • Metal carabiner

Grind the fish with the meat grinder. For best results, use fish that are local to the body of water you are fishing in.

Fill the 4-gallon bucket about three-quarters full. Cover the bucket with the lid and freeze overnight.

Drill holes around the perimeter of the 5-gallon bucket in a 4-inch grid.

Dump the frozen chum from the 4-gallon bucket into the 5-gallon bucket.

Attach the lid to the 5-gallon bucket. Drill a hole near the edge of the lid. Drill another hole in the bucket underneath the hole in the lid so you can hook the carabiner to the bucket.

Tie a 12-foot section of nylon cable to the carabiner using a lineman's loop knot (see Resources). Hook the carabiner to the bucket.


  • Be careful when using the drill to make holes in the bucket. Aim the drill away from your body and wear safety glasses.
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