How to Use a Climbing Belt for Tree Cutting

A climbing belt is a necessity for a tree cutter’s safety. While high up in a tree, possibly using a power tool to trim branches, you want to know you are secure. This will help you focus and stay safe. Using a climbing belt is the best way to do protect yourself. By securing yourself to a rope using a belt, you can cut any tree. Read on to learn how to use a climbing belt for tree cutting.

Unbuckle all straps and locks on the belt before trying to wear it. This will ensure that your legs and waist will easily fit through the belt. This will also give you enough slack so you may properly adjust the belt to fit securely later.

Place the belt on the ground and step into the two small holes for your legs. Pull the belt up so that these smaller harnesses stop around the thigh area. These will add a level of support necessary for secure tree climbing and cutting.

Tighten the buckle around the waist. This is the other main component to a climbing belt. Depending on the model you may have several places to adjust your waist. The belt should be tight and not slip off but should not be painful to wear. Wearing too tight of a belt can lead to serious problems.

Adjust all the various straps and harnesses, so the belt is as snug everywhere as it is around your waist. Test the belt from several angles to ensure that it will not slip or become loose once you have ascended the tree.

Run a rope through the front of the belt. This functions much like a rock climbing harness in that you can lock it in place so you do not go down the rope.

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