How to Use a Bushnell Magnetic Bore Sighter

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The Bushnell Magnetic Bore sighter helps to sight a firearm by aligning the scope where it needs to be. Once the scope has been aligned, the bore sighter can be removed. The bore sighter will get the firearm sighted well, but minor adjustments will need to be made after the bore sighter is removed.

Attach the bore sighter to the end of the barrel. The magnet that is built-in to the bore sighter will latch on to the metal barrel.

Adjust the lens of the bore sighter so it is approximately the same height as the scope bell.

Look at the cross-hairs of the bore sighter through the scope. The higher the magnification of the scope, the more detail you will see using the bore sighter.

Adjust the cross-hairs until they are pointing at the center of the grid.

Detach the bore sighter and remove it. Fire the rifle. Make any necessary final adjustments.


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