How to Use a Bead Sight Shotgun

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Most modern shotguns used for hunting and target practice come with a sight known as a "bead" already installed. A bead sight gets its name from the shape of the small round dot that's mounted on the front of the barrel. This bead serves as a point of reference for shooters. Bead sights are the most basic form of sight for a shotgun, but help the shooter quickly acquire a target and align the barrel for the shot.

Shoulder the shotgun.

Place your cheek on the stock of the shotgun so that your eye is looking straight along the top of the barrel.

Focus your eyes on the bead at the tip of the barrel. The bead marks the direction and point of impact for the shot.

Follow moving targets with the tip of the bead. For long shots, lead the target with the bead by a few inches.


  • Practice is extremely important to be an accurate shotgun shooter.


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