How to Use a Abu Garcia Baitcaster

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Abu Garcia baitcasters are available in round and low-profile varieties, and can be used to target a wide variety of fish species from walleyes and bass to northern pike and muskellunge. The reels feature an anti-reverse mechanism that helps to ensure solid hook sets and have high-capacity spools that hold plenty of fishing line. The reels can be used to present lures slowly or quickly, as well as with a trolling approach. To learn how to use an Abu Garcia baitcaster, read on.

Items you will need

  • Abu Garcia baitcaster

  • Fishing rod

  • Fishing line

  • Fishing lure

How to Use an Abu Garcia Baitcaster

Attach the reel to a fishing rod, fill the reel with line and tie a fishing lure onto the end of the line.

Set the drag on the Abu Garcia. On both low-profile and round Abu Garcia baitcasters, the drag is the star-shaped piece that is attached to the reel handle. Turning the drag clockwise tightens it; counter clockwise loosens it. Turn the drag clockwise as far as it will go, then spin it counter clockwise a couple of times or until a hard tug on the line causes the reel to let out some line.

Adjust the spool control. This is the round knob that is located near the reel handle and drag. Turning the spool control clockwise tightens it; counter clockwise loosens it. To adjust it, allow your lure to hang about 12 inches from the rod tip. Click the thumb bar or button on the lure and press down on the line with your thumb. Loosen or tighten the spool control as necessary until the lure falls freely to the ground without causing a backlash.

To cast your Abu Garcia baitcaster, depress the thumb bar or button (low-profile reels have a thumb bar and round reels have a thumb button) and place your thumb over the line on the spool. Bring the rod back over your shoulder and then bring it forward. When the rod is in front of your shoulder, release your thumb from the reel spool.

Begin reeling as soon as the lure hits the water.


  • Occasionally cleaning and oiling your Abu Garcia baitcaster will lengthen the life of the reel.