Daiwa Reel Instructions

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Daiwa reels are widely recognized by many anglers as being well-made, durable and reliable. Featuring forward-thinking designs and components including hyper-speed ball bearings, carbon fiber handles and free-floating spools, Daiwa baitcasting and spinning reels are use by weekend warriors and professionals alike. Daiwa reels are designed to be easy to adjust and easy to use so more time can be spent fishing than making adjustments. Using a Daiwa spinning or bait casting reel can be done successfully by a wide range of anglers.

Spinning Reel

Check that Daiwa spinning reel to determine whether it is securely mounted to the reel seat of the spinning rod. Tighten the locking rings so the reel is held in place if necessary.

Hold the Daiwa spinning reel and rod with your dominant hand. Grasp the handle of the rod so that your middle and ring finger split around the foot of the Daiwa reel. Wrap your fingers and thumb around the hand of the spinning reel.

Rotate the bail wire of the Daiwa reel so that the line roller is located up or at the 12 o'clock position. Reach forward with the index finger of the hand holding the rod and hook the line just above the line roller.

Grip the line with your finger and hold it in place. Open the bail of the Daiwa reel with your opposite hand and lock it back into place.

Bring the rod back to the side and then forward toward the target on the water. Release the line as the tip of the rod approaches the direction of the target.

Close the bail of the Daiwa spinning reel once the lure or bait is in the water by turning the reel handle. Continue turning the handle to retrieve the lure or bait through the water.

Baitcast Reel

Locate the brake adjustment dial on the side of the reel opposite the handle. Turn the dial to a setting that is in the middle between the Nos. 5 and 7.

Hold the rod with your dominant hand. Grip the rod so that your index finger hooks around the trigger of the baitcast rod. Make sure your thumb can easily access the spool release button on the back of the reel.

Locate the spool tension knob on the side of the reel beside the handle. Turn the knob so it is completely tightened. Extend the rod out in front of you and press the spool release. Turn the spool tension knob back to slowly decrease the tension. Stop turning the knob when the lure on the end of the line drops slowly to the ground.

Stand and face the target on the water. Press the spool release on the back of the spool and maintain pressure on the line with your thumb.

Turn the reel sideways so that the handle is facing down. Bring the rod tip back and then forward with a rapid motion. Raise your thumb to release the line as the rod tip approaches the direction of the target on the water.


  • Turning the reel to the side while casting will help to greatly reduce the possibility of backlash. By turning the reel, the forward and downward motion of the spool is reduced, preventing the fishing line from being pulled down into the line on the spool, resulting in a backlash.
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