How to Use a 9mm Semi-Automatic Handgun

The Second Amendment guarantees United State's citizens the right to bear arms and many people choose to do so. Generally, people choose a 9mm handgun as a way to protect themselves. 9mm handguns come with external safety features and use a magazine to hold the ammunition.

Read the product manual and follow the directions. If you don't have a product manual, contact the manufacturer and request a free manual. You can also buy general handgun manuals.

Keep the 9mm handgun locked and unloaded when not in use. You can disassemble the gun, but locking it up provides the best protection against unauthorized users like children.

Learn how to assemble and dissemble the handgun. You should regularly maintain your gun by cleaning and oiling it.

Load the magazine. Release it from the gun by pressing the magazine release button. Load the ammo one at a time making sure you put the flat side of the bullet against the flat side of the magazine. Push the magazine back into the gun until you hear it lock in place.

Remove the gun safety and pull the slide to chamber a round. Place your hand high on the gun and hold it as tight as possible to prevent milking. Most people's hands tremble slightly when they hold a gun.

Position your body in a proper stance for shooting. Your lower body should form a pyramid with your strong foot in front and your pelvis turned 45 degrees. Lean your shoulders forward over your toes.

Aim at the target by focusing your vision on your front sight. Pull the trigger in a smooth, even motion without moving the muzzle of the gun. With a semi-automatic 9mm, you need to pull the trigger once per bullet.


  • Always treat a gun like it's loaded.
  • Follow proper safety guidelines for using a handgun.


  • Practice shooting the gun with the magazine empty.
  • Use close targets until you master hitting the target at that range.

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