How to Disassemble a Stevens Pump-Action

How to Disassemble a Stevens Pump-Action

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Stevens is a brand of pump-action shotgun produced by the Savage Arms Company. The company began producing Stevens shotguns in 1920, and the design has remained relatively unchanged through the years. Stevens shotguns are available in 12 gauge size as long-barreled sporting guns or short-barreled security and law enforcement arms. In order to be cleaned, serviced or to have a new barrel installed, Stevens pump-action shotguns can be disassembled without tools.

Push the safety lever, located on the rear of the trigger guard, completely to the right-hand position. This blocks the trigger from activating accidentally. Verify that the lever is in the full safe position by checking for the red warning markings. They should not be visible.

Slide the fore-end, or front grip, all the way toward the butt of the firearm. This will move the bolt and slide the chamber open. If the fore-end does not move, press the slide locking lever. This is located near the trigger guard, on the opposite side from the safety.

Inspect the chamber, with the bolt open, and ensure that it is completely empty. Peer into the barrel from the safe end and check for any ammunition jammed in the chamber. Check the magazine tube, located under the barrel, for loaded ammunition. For safety, continue to treat the firearm as if it is loaded, even after this inspection.

Keep the firearm constantly pointed in a safe direction. Rotate the locking nut counterclockwise. This nut is located at the end of the magazine. Continue turning until the alignment pin, which protrudes into the locking nut, comes loose. Move the locking seat out of the way and swing the loose barrel to the left.

Continue to swing the barrel to the left until it is at a 90-degree angle from its original position. Pull straight away from the rest of the firearm. Remove the barrel completely from the receiver. The internal mechanism and the barrel can now be cleaned or serviced, following the manufacturer's recommendations.


  • Always follow safe firearms handling procedures, even when disassembling and cleaning a gun. Treat every gun as if it loaded, keep fingers clear of the trigger and always keep the barrel pointed in a safe direction.
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