How to Unlock a Locked Gun Safe

How to Unlock a Locked Gun Safe

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The lock on a gun safe is like any other. Depending on the make of the safe, the lock can be picked, a combination may be available from the manufacturer if it's a combination lock, or a locksmith will have to be consulted if the lock is particularly complex. Given the differences in gun safes available, contacting the manufacturer is probably the surest way to start figuring out how to unlock the safe.

Items you will need

  • Gun safe

Determine the safe's manufacturer. Look for some company name or emblem somewhere on the safe.

Find a serial number, model name or both on the safe. For safes with a combination lock, the manufacturer will need the serial number to determine whether they have the combination on file. For safes without a combination lock, the model of safe can help the manufacturer determine what kind of lock the safe uses.

Contact the manufacturer with the gathered information. Answer all necessary questions. Because gun safes protect sensitive and dangerous items, the manufacturer will want to verify the opener's identity before granting information to open the safe.

Proceed accordingly. Use the information the manufacturer grants in order to open the safe personally or to hire a locksmith to open it based on the specifications of the lock.


  • A simple lock might be able to be unlocked by bending a wire to fit the keyhole and wiggling it around until the lock is loosed, like on a door.
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