Instructions for the Daisy Red Ryder

by Gus Stephens

Daisy's Model 1938 Red Ryder may well be the best known spring-fired BB gun in history. Over 9 million have been sold since it was introduced in 1939. It fires BBs at a muzzle velocity of 350 feet per second with a maximum range of 195 yards. The Red Ryder has a magazine capacity of 650 BBs and features a lever-cocking firing mechanism. The stock and forearm are made of solid wood and the rifle weighs 2.2 pounds.


  1. Push trigger safety to the right so the red indicator is not showing.

  2. Tilt the gun to the right and push the BB loading door at the end of the barrel in and up.

  3. Pour BBs slowly into the reservoir. Do not completely fill the reservoir. Close the loading door.


  1. Raise the muzzle upward.

  2. Pull the cocking lever outward. The lever clicks as it is pulled toward the fully cocked position. After seven clicks, the Red Ryder is fully cocked.

  3. Close the cocking lever.

Aiming and Firing

  1. Point the rifle toward your intended target.

  2. Aim the rifle so the the blade on the front sight is centered in the notch on the rear sight and the target appears to rest on the top of the blade.

  3. Push the trigger safety to the left to turn the safety off.

  4. Squeeze the trigger gently but firmly to fire the gun.

About the Author

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