How to Unlock a Gun Safe When the Battery Is Dead

by Jack Burton
You can access an electronic safe even if the keypad isn't working.

You can access an electronic safe even if the keypad isn't working.

Electronic safes are secure and handy. You don't need a key and they can be accessed much faster than a typical combination lock. Unfortunately, an electronic safe left unattended for too long may lose enough battery power so the keypad doesn't function. Safe manufacturers understand that this can happen and provide alternatives for opening the safe.

Backup Key

  1. Slide open the key pad to reveal the underlying mechanism.

  2. Place the manufacturer’s backup key that came with the safe into the keyhole.

  3. Follow manufacturer’s instructions for the proper direction and method of turning the key.

  4. Open safe.

Battery Replacement

  1. Replace the battery with a fresh one. The keypad has now defaulted to the original factory combination.

  2. Call the manufacturer with the serial number of the safe and obtain the factory default combination, or look for it in your “important papers” file.

  3. Key in the proper combination.

  4. Open safe.

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