Types of Class C Motorhomes

by Jennifer Eblin

Traveling in an RV or motorhome is a unique experience. Most travelers don't realize that these vehicles are divided into different classes, depending on their size and features. The Class C motorhomes are one of the bigger varieties, but not as big as some of the other models.


Class C motorhomes are often called mini-motorhomes because they look like smaller versions of the larger and more expensive versions. They're built on a van chassis and generally look like an oversize van.


Coachman makes a number of different Class C motorhomes for shoppers. These range in size from 20 to 31 feet and start at $68,000 brand new for their most basic model as of 2009.


Fleetwood makes eight different Class C motorhomes as of 2009. Their prices start at $65,000 for the basic model and rise to over $90,000 for the more luxurious models.


Class C motorhomes come with different optional features that add to the basic price. Shoppers can opt for a flatscreen television, exterior rear cameras, heated holding tanks and satellite radio.


Class C motorhomes also come with different capacities for travelers. Most of the RVs sleep six people, but smaller versions sleep only four. There are also types that sleep up to eight people comfortably.

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