How to Troubleshoot a Coleman Gas Stove

How to Troubleshoot a Coleman Gas Stove

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The venerable Coleman Camp Stove is an old standby for many campers. It sets up in a jiffy, heats quickly, burns fuel economically and requires little maintenance. The longevity of the Coleman Camp Stove is due to its simplicity. Pressurized fuel moves from the tank through the generator tube to the burner, where it is ignited. After a few minutes of operation, the generator becomes hot. The passing fuel vaporizes and mixes more readily with air, yielding a hot, efficient flame. On occasions when a Coleman stove won't operate, diagnosing the problem is straightforward. This article will help you learn how to troubleshoot a Coleman gas stove.

Items you will need

  • Coleman stove

Coleman Camp Stove Pump Rebuild Kit

Service a pump that has no resistance by removing the plunger and inspecting the pump cup. Replace the cup if it is torn. Lubricate it in heavy oil if it is dry.

Suspect a dirty burner if the stove burns yellow or smokes. Clean the burner filler rings. Replace them if they're rusty.

Coleman Camp Replacement Stove Generator Tube

Check the generator tube and tank for rust or contamination if the stove won't burn at all. Unclog the tube and flush the tank with fresh fuel.

Inspect the connections if the tank or its fittings leak. Tighten them just enough to stop the leak.

Check the manifold and air inlet for obstructions if flames are coming from the Coleman stove's plumbing instead of its burners.


  • Allow the flame to extinguish and let the stove cool before performing repairs.
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