Travel Trailers Specifications

by Edriaan Koening
A vehicle tows a travel trailer.

A vehicle tows a travel trailer.

A travel trailer has no motor vehicle chassis, so it needs a car, a van or a pickup vehicle to tow it. It has a bumper or a frame hitch at the front to connect it to the towing vehicle.


The maximum size of a travel trailer is 8.5 feet in width and 45 feet in length. It does not need any special highway movement permit.


Depending on the model, a travel trailer can sleep up to eight people. It usually has areas for sleeping, showering, dining, cooking and entertainment. Some models even come with garages, rooftop patios and fireplaces.


Some travel trailers have sides and roofs that can expand outward by up to 3.5 feet to create larger spaces. Lightweight versions have also entered the market, allowing most six-cylinder family vehicles to tow these travel trailers.

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