How to Transport a BB Gun in Public

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It can be fun to take your BB gun to a friend's house so you can shoot targets together or to a shooting competition to show off your skill. You don't need to stress out about the possible ramifications of transporting your BB gun from one location to another if you follow some simple steps. Remember, if the police see you or your gun, they must assume that the gun is real and potentially dangerous until proven otherwise. Therefore, it is best to transport your BB gun by following the same protocol you would use for any weapon. A BB gun is not a toy. Remember those warning words from the movie, "A Christmas Story": "You'll shoot your eye out!"

Unload your BB gun and place the BBs in a closed container.

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If you will be traveling by car to your new location place the unloaded BB gun in the trunk. Then close and lock the trunk until you arrive at your destination.

If you will be walking or traveling by bicycle, place the unloaded gun in a gun case, preferably one that locks. Keep the case locked until you arrive at your destination.

It is always best to keep your ammunition separate from your gun. That way if someone gains access to your weapon they will not also have your ammuntion. Place the BBs in a container in a separate location from the gun in the trunk or in the pocket of your jacket.

Wrong way to transport a gun.
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Never transport your BB gun on the seat of your vehicle. Police or others could mistake it for a real gun and possibly shoot you if they feel threatened.


  • Never transport a loaded BB gun.
  • Never point a BB gun towards your face or another person.


  • Hint: if you do not own a gun case to transport your BB gun, try carrying it in the sports bag that you would use to carry a baseball bat.

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