Instructions for the Keller Pendulum Sight

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Pendulum sights, often referred to as tree-stand sights, offer a bow shooter the advantage of automatically compensating for shot angles. Without pendulum sights, a hunter or shooter must estimate target angle, arc and drop of the arrow. This often causes a hunter to over- or undershoot the target. Keller pendulum bow sights are used much the same way as any other pendulum-style sight. Knowing how to properly sight-in your Keller pendulum sight will ensure that you can use the sight effectively in the field.

Items you will need

  • Target

  • Backstop

  • Tree stand or platform

  • Arrows

Step 1

Set your ground target at a distance of 20 yards from your tree stand or platform. Ensure that you have an adequate backstop behind the target, such as a plywood wall backed with hay bales.

Step 2

Get into your normal shooting position at a height of 12 feet off the ground. Set the sight pin in at the 20-yard ground position (#4 position).

Step 3

Fire an arrow at the target. Note the arrow placement in relation to the target bull's-eye.

Step 4

Adjust the windage and elevation in the direction that you need the arrow to travel. Move the sight left by one notch if the arrow needs to move left, and test-fire until the arrow is landing on the target bull's-eye. Move the sight up by one notch at a time if the arrow needs to move up, until the arrow is landing on the bull's-eye.

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