How to Tie Salomon XT Wings GTX Shoes

The lacing on the Salomon XT Wings GTX shoes looks complicated, but with a little bit of practice anyone can get a comfortable and secure fit. These trail runners, like many other offerings from Salomon, use the Quicklace system, replacing traditional shoelaces with Kevlar laces in an asymmetric lacing pattern. They don't tie like your other shoes, but they're durable and snug.

Put the shoes on your feet and pull the tops of the laces to tighten the lacing system so that the shoes are secure and the laces are sufficiently tight.

Pull the lock, or cinching mechanism, down toward the tongue of each shoe, sliding it along the laces. Cinch the laces to your desired tension, so that the laces won't loosen as you run.

Tuck the lock/cinching mechanism and the excess lace into the elastic pocket on the outside of the tongue so that the laces won't catch on anything or begin to loosen inadvertently.


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