How to Weave a Fishing Net

How to Weave a Fishing Net

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Fishing nets are used for a variety of purposes, but nets are primarily cast into the water to catch fish. Being able to create fishing nets will save you money, help you repair torn fishing nets and give you a project to do with your family.

Items you will need

  • Scissors

  • Measuring tape

  • Spool of nylon cord or twine

Cut two cords. The first cord will be the exact width of the net you want. The second cord will be the length of the net times 1.1. These will be your template cords. If you are making a circular net, each side of the net will be equal to the diameter of the circle.

Determine the number of cords you will need. On each side, you will need two cords at every inch. If your net is 54 inches wide, you will need 108 cords for the width. Cut the cords using your template cords to determine the length.

Place the cords on your work surface in a grid pattern.

Tie each knot in this way: create a loop from the top widthwise cord at the intersection at which you are knotting. Hold the two ends of the loop in your left hand (reverse instructions if you are left-handed) so that the looped part sticks out of your left hand. Pull the other cord at the intersection through the loop toward you--and make sure this is consistent on every knot on the net. Wrap the cord lightly around the loop going under and then pull through the space between the widthwise cord and the lengthwise cord. You may want to practice tying this knot before using it for your fishing net. Continue tying knots at each intersection until the net is woven.

Cut the fishing net to the size and shape you will need.


  • You can change the density of the net by placing cords closer together or farther apart.
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