How to Tie Rubber Tubing on a Peep Sight

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Flexible rubber tubing attaches peep sights to hunting bows. In most cases, you can divide the bowstring in half with tool called a "string spreader." The peep sight is sandwiched between the two strands of the string. One end of the rubber tubing slips over a nipple on the sight; you tie the other end of the tubing to the part of a hunting bow called a "top cable." Some peep sites require the archer to tie both ends of the rubber tubing.

Items you will need

  • String spreader

Divide your bowstring in two with a string spreader. Install the peep sight in the split bowstring so that the grooves on the sight cradle the two strands of the bowstring.

Rub one end of the rubber tubing between your finger and thumb to make the tubing warmer and more flexible. Then slide that end of the tube over the nipple on your peep sight.

Tie the tubing to your sight if your sight does not have a nipple. Use a half hitch.

Tie a half hitch by looping the tube around your sight so that in one hand you hold a short end and in the other you hold a long end. Cross the short end under the long end. Pull the short end over the long end and down through the hole between the sight and the tube, then push the resulting knot to the sight.

Tie the other end of the tubing to the top cable of your bow using a D-loop. One way to tie a D-loop is by tying two square knots to your top cable with a small loop between them.

Begin a square knot by tying an overhand knot (the knot you use to tie your shoes). Pull one end of the tubing left over right. Finish the square knot by tying an overhand knot by pulling the end of the tubing right over left. Tie the bottom square knot of the D-loop first.