How to Tell the Year and Model of a Polaris Trailblazer

How to Tell the Year and Model of a Polaris Trailblazer

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Unlike cars, the laws that govern ATVs vary greatly from state to state, making it fairly common to come across an ATV or four-wheeler that has no paper history attached to it. Fortunately, four-wheelers have vehicle identification numbers the same way cars do. You can use your Polaris Trailblazer's VIN to find out information about it, including its year of manufacture and specific model information.

Items you will need

  • Polaris VIN

Locate your Polaris Trailblazer's VIN. It is the 17-digit number that is permanently stamped onto the frame of your four-wheeler. You should be able to spot it if you look on the frame behind the left front wheel.

Write down the VIN so you can easily read it. You are going to need to decode it to find your Trailblazer's specific information.

Locate the 10th digit of the VIN. This digit represents the year model of your four-wheeler. Use the chart provided on the ATV Style ATV VIN numbers page (see Resources) to determine what year your Polaris Trailblazer was manufactured.

Go to AnalogX's VIN View VIN number decoder (see Resources), and enter your VIN number.The decoder will provide you with a list of all the information contained in the VIN. The decoder will be able to confirm that you correctly determined your Polaris's year model and can tell you more about the specific model of Trailblazer you have.

It can be more difficult to determine the exact model of Trailblazer because model information is contained in the fourth through eighth digits of the VIN, each digit meaning something different about the specific ATV. For example, the fourth digit might tell you motor size, the fifth could be an optional suspension package, the sixth, seventh and eighth may stand for additional features such as four-wheel-drive. The combination of these features will determine your model. The VIN decoder can save you a lot of trouble by evaluating the features and determining the model for you.

Call your local Polaris dealer and provide them with your VIN if you are still unable to determine your Trailblazer's model or year of manufacture. They will be able to tell you the make and model based on the VIN.

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