Suzuki 750 King Quad Problems

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The King Quad 750 made its debut in the Suzuki lineup in 2008, replacing the King Quad 700. The machines are basically the same but Suzuki increased the displacement of the engine and added options such as power steering. Problems related to the King Quad 750 are still being determined.

Suzuki 750 King Quad Problems

The Suzuki King Quad 750 can be purchased in several versions including an IRS (Independent Rear Suspension) and a power steering equipped model as well. All models have in common electronic fuel injection, 4-wheel drive, comfortable ergonomics and intense power.

Since coming to the market in 2008 the King Quad 750 has proven to be a reliable performer. Obvious problems to look for have not yet been fully quantified as there are few examples to follow. It would be wise however to consider that some of the known problems from the earlier 700 models could be considered. Those known problems included a frequently draining battery, caused by a faulty wire in the harness. Suzuki claims to have fixed this issue with the 750. In addition, the air filter was known to get wet and collapse on the 700. Again according to Suzuki's website that problem was addressed and fixed with the release of the 750.

The problems on the earlier King Quad models do not seem to be impacting the new 750 models. Outside of a few isolated incidents with the battery on some display models going dead, there are no known problems with the Suzuki King Quad 750.

Suzuki seems to have released a highly reliable machine. Few problems have surfaced, even extreme isolated cases are seemingly impossible to come by. A quick search of industry wide recalls or issues clearly leaves the Suzuki King Quad 750 off any lists. Suzuki technical service bulletins for the KQ750 have not been released as no chronic problems have surfaced.


In order to avoid problems with the King Quad 750, basic maintenance such as regular oil and oil filter changes are required. It is also highly recommended that the air filter be cleaned or replaced as needed.


The KQ750 can come with various options The 750 AXi is the IRS or Independent Rear Suspension version; The EPS (Electronic Power Steering) can be added to either 750 model; You can also get various options from your dealer such as GPS.


Related to other ATVs in its class, the King Quad 750 is known for its exceptional ergonomics and stability. With a lower center of gravity, the KQ750 will out perform nearly all of its counterparts in the handling department. It is not the most powerful big bore 4x4 ATV out there, but it has gobs of power to play with and a smooth delivery aided by the EFI.


Suzuki King Quad 750axi Weight = 672 pounds dry Fuel Capacity = 4.6 gallons US Ground Clearance = 11.1 inches Length/Width = 83.3 inches / 47.6 inches Engine = 722cc (44.1 cu. in), 4-stroke, liquid-cooled, DOHC Compression Ratio = 10.0:1

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