How to Strip a Ruger Mini 30

How to Strip a Ruger Mini 30

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The Ruger Mini 30 semi-automatic rifle is a variant of the popular Ruger Mini 14 series of rifles. The most prominent change between the two rifles is the recalibration of th Mini 30 to the 7.62x39mm cartridge, which is also used in the AK47 assault rifle. Assembly and disassembly of the two rifles is the same. Amateurs should never disassemble the rifle beyond that recommended by the rifle's owner's manual.

Items you will need

  • 1/4 in diameter rod or screwdriver

  • Small, brass punch

  • Eye protection

Ensure the rifle is unloaded. Place the rifle on safety by pulling the lever in front of the trigger guard fully to the rear. Press the magazine catch, which is located directly behind the magazine, forward and pull the magazine down and out of the rifle. Grasp the slide handle and pull the slide fully to the rear. This will eject any cartridge still in the rifle. Holding the bolt to the rear, visually inspect the chamber to ensure there are no remaining cartridges.

Insert a metal rod or screwdriver, 1/4-inch diameter, into the hole on the rear of the trigger guard. Lift up on the rod to pry the trigger guard out of its latch.

Fold-down the rear sight and lay the rifle upside down. Lift the entire trigger housing out of the rifle. With the trigger guard latch released, you can easily remove the trigger assembly.

Lift the rear portion of the receiver up and out of the stock. While grasping the receiver/barrel assembly, pull the stock to the rear to separate it from the receiver/barrel.

Turn the receiver assembly upside down. Locate the recoil spring located about midway between the end of the barrel and end of the receiver. Grasp the spring and compress it slightly, while at the same time lifting it out of the receiver. Be careful not to let the spring loose. It is under tension and can fly out of your grasp with considerable velocity. It's a good idea to wear eye protection during this step.

Use the screwdriver or 1/4-inch rod to push out the buffer cross-pin. This pin is located where the end of the guide rod and spring enter the receiver. This frees the buffer bushing, which you can now lift out of the receiver.

Pull the slide handle to the rear until the tabs on the handle align with the notches on the receiver. You will need to pull the slide nearly to the rear to align them properly. Once the tabs are aligned, you can pull the slide handle out of the slide.

Turn the receiver so the top is pointing up. Locate the small protrusion on the left side of the receiver, which is the bolt lock cover plate. Use a soft punch to gently tap down on this protrusion until the plate slides off. Depress the bolt plunger, which is the button on top of the receiver that allows you to close a locked bolt, while at the same time pulling the ejector/bolt stop out of the chamber covered by the bolt lock cover plate.

Pull the bolt forward and rotate it to the left. Lift the bolt from the receiver. Any further disassembly requires special tools and skills, and is not recommended. At this stage of disassembly, you can clean and maintain all essential parts of the rifle.

Reassemble the rifle by following the disassembly directions in the reverse order.


  • Wear eye protection to avoid injury from ejected springs.
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