How to String Holsters

A string holster is an expedient way to keep your pistol in place while carrying it concealed and tucked into your pants. The technique of using a spring as a makeshift holster supposedly was taught by the British OSS to resistance fighters during the Second World War. The idea was to provide a way to secure a handgun with maximum concealment that would be easily overlooked (after the gun was quickly discarded) if being searched by enemy troops. A string holster is easy to produce and use.

Cut a piece of string or shoelace between 12 to 20 inches long and tie the ends together. The length will vary depending on the size of pistol; before cutting the string estimate the length needed by judging the distance around the midsection of your pistol.

Loop the string and pass your belt through it, so the remaining loop end is facing inward.

Slide your pistol through the open loop so that it is tucked between your body and your pants.


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