Sks Rifle Sling Installation

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The SKS rifle sling is technically made for the AK47 military rifle, but is now commonly used for most hunting or collector's firearms. The sling is a strap with a slider that allows the strap to lengthen or shorten depending on your needs. It may be made from canvas, nylon or leather. Attachments are either leather strips with a slit for the rifle attachment nuts, or a set of clips and loop for a rifle without attachments.

Point your rifle in a safe direction, place the safety on, and make sure the rifle is unloaded. Turn it upside down to see if it has the two attachment nuts, one on the rifle butt and one under the barrel.

Push the nuts through the slits in the leather strips on the ends of the SKS sling. Pull the strips toward the hole to set the nuts into the holes, thus securing it to the rifle.

Slide the nylon loop-strip on the end of the sling, if your rifle does not have attachment nuts (you will need the loop-and-clip version of the SKS sling). Clip the small metal clip on the opposite end of the sling to the rifle butt's attachment nut (almost all rifles have at least the butt attachment nut).

Shoulder the rifle via the sling and pull the tightening slider to lengthen or shorten the sling as necessary.


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