How to Skinny Dip

by Beth Rifkin
A secluded spot offers privacy when swimming naked.

A secluded spot offers privacy when swimming naked.

A harmless way to be rebellious and blow off some steam, skinny-dipping allows you to be fully immersed in nature while having some innocent fun. The two main risks when skinny-dipping are offending others that are nearby and of course, getting caught. Follow proper etiquette and you’ll avoid running into any problems. Laws regarding skinny dipping vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction and it may be worthwhile for you to do some research before taking the plunge.

Be Discreet

  1. Parading naked in front of a bunch of beach dwellers, playing music at a high volume or screaming loudly will likely lead to a meeting with law enforcement. Share the skinny-dipping outing with just one or two other friends; you will probably be able to be more inconspicuous with just a few people than a large group. Take your swimsuit off in the water if you are shy and do not want to walk around naked. Wrap the swimsuit around your wrist if you are in the ocean; put it back on before walking out of the water. Bring a bag to store your clothes while you are swimming.


  1. Choose a location to skinny dip that is far away from crowds; you will be more likely to swim uninterrupted if you are not making others feel awkward by being naked. Best to find a secluded beach, pool, lake or other swimming spot. If that is not possible, then try to skinny dip at a time when no one else is around, such as early in the morning or later in the evening. Never swim alone in case of an emergency.

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