How to Size Motorcycle Chaps

Leather prevents road rash and flesh wounds in an accident. Leather chaps will also protect you from being burned if the motorcycle lands on your leg. Many companies sell riding gear and chaps. Sizing varies from one retailer to another, and each dealer will provide a chart for finding the size you need. The required measurements are taken in inches in the United States. Most European dealers have inch-equivalency charts available.

Put on your pair of jeans. All measurements will be taken with your pants on. This method will give a proper fit, as motorcycle chaps are worn over jeans or other pants.

Use the tape measure to determine your waist size. Place the tape on the waistband of your jeans. The point where the tape measure overlaps the end is the size of your waist. Record this number in inches.

Measure your thigh at its largest area, which is typically the upper region. Do not pull the tape too snug. Remember that the chaps need room to fit comfortably over your jeans. Record the inches.

Measure your inseam by starting at the point where your legs come together and running the tape down the inside of one leg. Take your measurement from the point at the bony prominence of your ankle. Write this number as your inseam.

Match your measurements to the maker's size chart. The size marked beside your numbers is the size you need for your motorcycle chaps.

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