Sight Rite Laser Bore Sighting Instructions

Sight Rite Laser Bore Sighting Instructions

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The Sight-Rite Laser Bore Sighter is an in-chamber bore sighting device produced by Sighting System Instruments, LLC, of Grand Prairie, Texas. A bore sighter is employed by a shooter to align a mounted telescopic or optical sight with the bore of his firearm. Laser bore sighters, such as the Sight-Rite, are inserted into the weapon's chamber and project a laser beam down the barrel onto a nearby target. SSI offers 16 models of Sight-Rite bore sighters, with each model sized to match either a specific cartridge size, or a narrow range of similar cartridges.

Items you will need

  • Paper target

  • Gun rest

Step 1

Set up a paper target about 25 yards from your shooting position. Place your rifle in the gun rest on top of a table, shooting bench or other stable surface.

Step 2

Open the action of your firearm, and insert the Sight-Rite laser bore sighter into the chamber as you would insert a cartridge.

Step 3

Close the action. The bore sighter activates automatically when the bolt closes against the rear of the device. If your rifle's bolt won't close completely on the bore sighter, do not force the bolt closed. As long as the laser activates, you still can employ the device for bore sighting.

Step 4

Adjust the position of your rifle in the gun rest until the laser beam strikes the bull's-eye on the target.

Step 5

View the target through your rifle scope to see where the cross-hairs align in relation to the dot projected by the laser.

Step 6

Use the windage and elevation adjustment knobs on your scope to move the cross-hairs into alignment with the projected laser dot. The adjustment controls might vary according to your specific model of rifle scope, but the windage knob typically is located on top of the scope, while the elevation knob usually is located on a side.

Step 7

Open your rifle's action to remove the Sight-Rite bore sighter once you have the cross-hairs aligned with the laser dot. The laser device automatically will deactivate.

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