How to Shoot a Glock 22 With Accuracy

How to Shoot a Glock 22 With Accuracy

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A law enforcement service pistol issued by many precincts, the Glock 22 offers tried and true durability and reliability. The .40 caliber ammunition is more powerful than the common 9mm round, and therefore is more challenging to shoot accurately. When combined with diligent practice, the accuracy methods used by professional and hobbyist shooters around the world can help you attain advanced levels of marksmanship.

Hold the pistol as tightly as you can with the webbing between your thumb and forefinger pressed firmly as high as you can on the back of the grip. A constant tight grip gives you consistent shots.

Stand in a fighters stance. One foot forward, one foot back, and about shoulder width apart. You should be stable if pushed from the front or from the side. When shooting with two hands, the foot that is back is the same side as your dominant hand. Your dominant foot leads when shooting with one hand. While pointing at your target, your shoulders should be forward, pointing in the same direction, and not back.

Focus your eyes on the front sight when aiming at your target and shooting. Your eyes are incapable of focusing on both the front and rear sights or your sights and your target at the same time. Line up your sights like normal, but focus on the front.

Pull the trigger as smoothly and evenly as possible, with the first knuckle of your trigger finger wrapped around the trigger. A jerky trigger pull ruins your accuracy because it will jerk the entire gun. An even trigger pull will reduce anticipation of the shot. Don't think of "pulling" the trigger. Think of "squeezing" or "pressing" the trigger.


  • Always assume a firearm is loaded until you have personally verified that it isn't. Never point a gun at a person, and don't place your finger inside the trigger guard until you are ready to fire.


  • No shooter has ever gotten great without a lot of practice. Practice as much as you can.
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