How to Properly Aim a Beretta 92FS

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The Beretta 92FS and its line of sister weapons have become one of the most common and recognizable weapons in the world today--taking its place alongside the equally-recognizable Colt 1911 and Glock pistols. However, just because it is common does not mean that it is any easier to shoot. The accurate firing of any handgun--and especially the Beretta 92FS because of its small sights--requires a good degree of skill and concentration; skill that only comes through repetition and practice.

Step 1

Grip your Beretta 92FS with both hands and raise it so that the back sight is at eye level. There are a variety of different styles of holding a pistol; each one offering a different set of advantages and disadvantages. For more information, see the link posted in the "Resources" section.

Step 2

Focus your eyes on the rear sight of the Beretta, and then look down the barrel between the two notches of the rear sight until you are focused on the single "peg" of the front sight.

Step 3

Keep the pistol at approximately eye level and line the top of the front sight up with the tops of the rear sight notches.

Step 4

Center the tip of the front sight over whatever it is you are aiming at, and then gently squeeze the trigger to fire the Beretta. If the sights are properly aligned with one another, the bullet should impact the object just about where the tip of the front site is aimed.


  • As with any loaded weapon, make sure that your field of fire--the area down-range from you--is clear of people or animals before attempting to aim the Beretta.
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