How to Shoot a Colt 1911 45 ACP +P Load

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The Colt 1911 .45 ACP is an American legend, one of the greatest combat handguns ever produced. Ammunition that is designated + P, is ammunition that has been loaded to a higher pressure, which will result in a higher velocity round. Shooting + P ammunition requires some getting used to, as it will result in a harder recoil.

Set up your target at the desired distance, checking to make sure that you have a safe backstop. Put on eye and ear protection.

Load a magazine with standard .45 ACP ammo, and a second one with the .45 ACP + P rounds. Make sure to keep the magazines separate; identify them so that you know which magazine holds which type of of ammunition.

Load a pistol with the standard ammo, take a stance and fire at the target.

Make sure the firing area is clear, then replace the target with a new one.

Load the magazine with the + P rounds into the pistol. Once you take your stance make sure that you have a firm grip on the pistol, the higher pressure of the + P rounds will result in a harder recoil.

Fire the + P rounds at the target. You will be able to feel the difference in the loads. If necessary tighten your grip for better shots.


  • Always assume your weapon is loaded.
  • Never point your weapon until you are ready to shoot.
  • Keep you finger on the trigger guard until you are ready to fire.
  • Check with the manufacturer of your weapon to make sure it is capable of handling the pressure of +P loads, some older handguns may not be able to do so.


  • Firing + P loads will take some getting used to, so take time between magazines.


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