How to Fire a Glock Pistol

How to Fire a Glock Pistol

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Glocks are polymer-frame semiautomatic pistols produced by GmbH Glock in Austria. Used extensively by law enforcement and government agencies in the United States and other countries, Glock pistols are available in 9mm, .40, .357 Sig and .45 caliber models. Easy to shoot and maintain due to minimal internal and external parts, Glocks are also a popular choice among homeowners for defense, and they're favored by target shooters for their accuracy.

Items you will need

  • Glock pistol

  • Ammunition

  • Ear and eye protection

  • Target

Load the Glock magazine with ammunition. Insert the correct caliber ammunition into the magazine of the Glock with the bullet pointing forward (refer to the owner's manual for more information about specific models). Do not load the magazine into the Glock at this point; lay it to the side.

Set up your target. Walk down range and attach a target to a support or place a target on a pulley and move it to the desired distance. Check your firing lane to ensure that no one is between you and the target or directly behind the target area.

Put on hearing and eye protection. Insert the magazine into the handle of the Glock. Hold the Glock with your dominant hand so that the V between your thumb and index finger is at the top of the gun grip.

Wrap your fingers around the grip so that your thumb touches your middle finger. Your index finger should reach the trigger comfortably; do not contact the trigger until ready to shoot.

Pull the slide of the Glock back to load a round into the firing chamber. Release the slide slowly, making sure that it moves completely back forward to the original position. To support the Glock, place the palm of your hand under the bottom of the grip and your dominant hand.

Raise the barrel of the Glock and point toward the center of the target. Locate the target in the window of the rear sights. Raise the front of the barrel until the front ramp sight comes into view in the window. Position the top of the blade sight just below the center of the target, keeping it centered in the rear sight window.

Place your finger lightly on the trigger, hold your breath for a moment, then squeeze the trigger with your index finger and hand to fire the Glock. Do not jerk or pull on the trigger, as this will affect your aim. Repeat the process to fire successive rounds.


  • There will be a slight amount of upward movement or recoil when the Glock is fired. Hold the pistol firmly but with relaxed shoulders.
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