How to Set Up Viking Pop Up Campers

How to Set Up Viking Pop Up Campers

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Viking pop up campers can be erected quickly and with relative ease. The campers use a lift system to raise the roof and open the interior. Set-up can be completed by a single individual in a short period of time. Some of the newer camper models have the option for an electric lift that allows you to raise the roof with the push of a button but many of the campers use a manual lift that requires cranking.

Items you will need

  • Trailer

  • Stabilizers

  • Cranking handle

  • Tire blocks

Select a flat campsite and park the trailer. Remove the trailer from the vehicle by releasing the latch on the hitch. Remove the locking pin and drop the trailer wheel. Crank the handle on the wheel to raise the trailer off the vehicle.

Lower the stabilizers by inserting the handle and pumping until the feet make contact with the ground. This will prevent the camper from rocking. Not all of the trailer models have stabilizers.

Remove the latches from the roof by turning the handle counterclockwise. This will loosen a screw and allow you to remove the latch.

Push the hydraulic lift button on automatic lift systems to raise the roof. On cranking systems, insert the cranking handle into the port located on the back of the trailer. Crank the handle until the roof has been completely raised.

Manually pull the slide out beds on each side of the trailer until the beds are fully extended. Pull the tent fabric away from the main camper body. Connect the hooks and snaps to secure the tent fabric to the base of the beds.

Enter the camper and flip the metal bed frame upwards to complete the bed. Exit the camper and connect the tent snaps and hooks around the door and the main body of the tent to complete the set up.


  • Block the trailer tires with rocks if you are on a slope. The stabilizers will help prevent the trailer from rolling but blocks will ensure the trailer is safe.


  • Always check for overhanging branches before selecting a campsite. The trailer may fit in a site but the area must be clear before the roof is raised.
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