How to Set Up a Dipsy Diver

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The Dipsy Diver is a diving planer manufactured by Luhr-Jensen. It is designed to keep lures at a specified depth while trolling. Unlike most diving planers, the Dipsy Diver includes a lead weight on an adjustable base plate, which you can rotate to control the direction of the lure relative to the boat. This allows you to troll multiple lures from your boat without tangling the lines.

Rigging Up

The plastic side of the Dipsy Diver is the top, and the metal side is the bottom. Tie your fishing line to the swivel on the top front of the Dipsy Diver to connect the diving planer to your rod and reel, and then push back the adjustable trip mechanism to lock it. Cut a separate 4- to 6-foot length of fishing line to use as a leader, and tie it to the swivel at the bottom rear of the Dipsy Diver. Tie the lure of your choice to the tag end of the leader. Dipsy Divers work well with a wide range of lures, including crank baits, plugs, spinners and spoons.

Adjusting the Base Plate

To control the direction of the Dipsy Diver, rotate the adjustable base plate on the bottom. Turning the dial to the right or left will cause your lure to track to port or starboard. If you leave the dial in the center, it will remain directly behind your boat. Dipsy Divers are available in a variety of sizes, and can dive anywhere from 20 to 100 feet below the surface, depending on the size. Using several rods with Dipsy Divers at various settings, you can troll several lures at various depths and locations behind your boat.


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