How to Set Up a Canopy Tent

How to Set Up a Canopy Tent

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Canopy tents are an outdoor solution that provides coverage from the sun and rain during events. They come in a wide variety of sizes, but all consist of a metal frame and a fabric canopy roof. Some canopies come with stakes and accessories. The amount of legs on your canopy will differ depending on the size of the canopy. The typical canopy has four poles. However larger canopies may have eight or more poles. Make adjustments based on the size of your canopy.

Spread Out and Stake

Locate the area where you plan to erect the finished canopy. Spread the canopy out flat on level ground with the top side up. If you have stakes, place one in the ground at each strap location about 4 feet from the tent's edge and loop the straps over each stake. Make sure the stakes are in deep enough so that about half the height of the stake is above ground. If the side and corner poles for your tent require assembly do this now.

Insert Poles

Insert the side and corner poles into the corresponding holes and raise them so that the bottom of the poles slant toward the center of the canopy. Tighten the straps or tie the ropes securely to the pole. If you have a center pole insert it through the corresponding hole. Raise the center pole to an upright position and tie the ropes to the pole. This may require the assistance of a helper.

Erect the Poles and Secure

Make sure the ropes are tight and secure around the side poles and then raise them to an upright position. Again, this may require the help of an assistant. Adjust the tension of the rope so that the canopy is pulled out and taught. Tie the ropes to the stakes to keep the canopy stable. Once all of the poles are up, go back around and adjust any straps or ropes to make sure everything is tight and secure.

Pop Up Canopy

Some canopy tents are "pop up" style, which makes for easier set up. For this type of canopy, remove it from the storage bag and, with a partner standing on the opposite corner, stand it on its legs. Lift it slightly off of the ground and pull away from each other to open the tent halfway. Adjust the canopy so that it sits in the proper place on the frame and pull from the legs to open fully. Hold the leg with one hand and use the other to lock the leg in place. Adjust the leg height by placing one foot on the leg and lifting the upper portion of the tent so that the legs slide out and lock into place. Repeat this on the other side of the tent.

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