How to Adjust an AccuTrigger

by Joe Shead
A 5/32 inch hex wrench and the AccuTrigger tool are all you need to adjust the AccuTrigger.

A 5/32 inch hex wrench and the AccuTrigger tool are all you need to adjust the AccuTrigger.

Some models of Savage firearms come with the company's AccuTrigger. This special trigger setup allows the shooter to customize trigger pull without taking the firearm to a gunsmith. Depending on the model, the trigger pull can be adjusted from as light as 1 1/2 lb. to as heavy as 6 lb. Every AccuTrigger-equipped firearm comes with the required tool to increase or decrease trigger pull and replacement tools are available by contacting Savage's customer service department. Adjusting the trigger is safe and reliable and takes only minutes.

  1. Remove the stock by unscrewing the two screws underneath the stock with the 5/32 inch hex wrench.

  2. Insert the AccuTrigger adjustment tool into the bottom of the trigger return spring, located behind the trigger.

  3. Turn the tool clockwise for heavier trigger pull and counterclockwise for lighter trigger pull.

  4. Replace the stock and tighten down the screws with the 5/32 inch hex wrench.

Items you will need

  • Savage firearm equipped with AccuTrigger
  • AccuTrigger adjustment tool
  • 5/32 inch hex wrench


  • The trigger spring will click when you reach maximum trigger pull. You will feel resistance when you reach minimum trigger pull.


  • Make absolutely certain the firearm is unloaded before adjusting the AccuTrigger.

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