How to Set Up a Greatland 2-Room Dome Tent

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Greatland tents are manufactured mainly for Target stores. Designed with sturdy shock-corded tent poles and storm flaps inside the mesh windows and door, this two-room dome tent will protect you from the elements. The added rain fly offers additional wet-weather protection and insulation. Extra features such as a divider curtain and gear loft make this tent a comfortable escape on your outdoor adventure. Proper care will ensure that you will camp with this tent for seasons to come.

Fold out all of the tent poles, securing each segment into the next section. Clear your campsite of any debris and lay out the tent body.

Lay the main tent poles on top of the tent. Slide one pole through a pole sleeve and into the center hub. Repeat for the other two poles.

Bend each pole, forming an arc, and insert the opposite end into the corresponding metal pin at the base of the tent. Check for any snags in the sleeve fabric. Fasten the plastic clips from the tent to the poles.

Put the side tent poles through the sleeves on the side of the tent. Place each end of each pole on the metal pins at the base of the tent. Fasten the plastic clips from the tent to the poles.

Secure the tent by placing stakes through the loops located next to the metal pins.

Lay the rain fly over the tent and hook its S hooks to the rings next to the metal pins at the base of the tent. Attach the Velcro fasteners from the rain fly to the tent frame.

Hang the divider curtain inside the tent by hooking the toggles through the nylon loops on the tent seams.


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