Senior Discounts to Florida Parks

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Some parks in Florida offer discounts to seniors for entrance, lodging and activities. The best way to know if reduced pricing is available is to contact the specific park that you plan to visit. Between the numerous state, national and theme parks throughout the state, Florida’s parks are an ideal way for senior citizens to spend their vacation or leisure time.

Florida State Parks

Florida has 174 state parks that have camping sites, rivers, beaches, hiking trails, historic sites, boating and fishing amenities, and much more. There are no reduced rates for seniors on day passes; however, those 65 and older can get a 50 percent discount on base camping fees. To obtain the discount, seniors must provide proof of residency and proof of age with a Florida driver’s license, Florida state identification card, voter registration card, passport or some other form of government-issued identification. Some parks may offer group discounts on day or activity passes, or special rates on certain holidays or days of the year. Contact the specific park you will be visiting to see if they have any additional discounts for which you may qualify.

National Parks

Whether you’re looking for white sandy beaches, clear and clean water, a lush camping ground, coral reefs or extensive wildlife, the national parks in Florida have something for all outdoor enthusiasts. Seniors who are permanent American citizens and 62 years of age and older can purchase a lifetime pass to national parks for $80. The lifetime pass never expires and can be used for entrance to all national parks and federal recreational lands across the country, including those located in Florida, such as Biscayne National Park, the Everglades and Canaveral National Park.

Seniors looking for a lower-cost option can purchase a yearly national park pass for $20, which is good for one year from the date purchased. If you purchase a yearly pass for four years in a row, you can trade the purchases in for a lifetime pass. Proof of age and citizenship through government-issued IDs are required to purchase the pass. Contact the National Park Service to purchase your senior pass.

Theme Parks

Florida is known for having fun, extensive theme parks, including Disney World, SeaWorld and Universal Studios. Most theme parks do not offer discounts directly to senior citizens, but you may be able to obtain a reduced rate by going through the American Association of Retired Persons (AARP). Membership to the AARP is usually required to qualify for discounts and special pricing. Custom quote prices, such as if you are going with a large group of friends or family, may also be available. Contact the theme park that you will be visiting to inquire about custom pricing.

Alternative Discounts

Another way to visit Florida parks and save money is by finding senior discounts on travel, hotel and dining accommodations. The AARP travel website, for example, is run through Expedia and offers discounts on travel to its members. Alternatively, you can contact car rental agencies and hotels to inquire about reduced pricing for those 65 and older. It may be easier to obtain lower-cost options by traveling during the off-season, which in Florida is during the hot summer.


  • Remember that the cost for a national park lifetime pass for seniors increased from $10 to $80 due to legislation passed in 2016. The price increase went into effect on August 28, 2017.

    National parks passes are not transferable between any parties, including from one spouse to another.