How to Sell a Jet Ski

From the minute you buy a jet ski, you should be preparing to sell it. You're eventually going to want to get rid of it for some reason or another, so you need to take care of it from Day 1. It has to be in tip-top shape. Before putting your jet ski up for sale, it's important to increase the value as much as possible. Read on to learn more.

Make necessary repairs. Get your jet ski tuned up by a professional. If it has some scratches, use a rubbing compound to get rid of them. If your personal watercraft is dented or corroded, take it to a shop for some repairs. It shouldn't cost too much.

Set a price. Be realistic and take into account the jet ski's condition, mileage and appearance. Compare your jet ski with others that are posted for sale. This will give you a ballpark figure.

Post the jet ski in the local newspaper or trade magazine. Also look into websites that act as a marketplace for used jet skis.

Put the jet ski and trailer in a high-visibility area. Attach a sign with sale specifics. If you don't live on a busy road, ask a local business if you can use their property.

Be available. The phone will ring at random times, as people see your jet ski. Make yourself as available as possible to show people the watercraft.

Ask for a deposit. If you have an interested buyer, take a goodwill deposit from them. This will cover you in case they back out.

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