How to Seal Marine Ply with West System Epoxy

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Marine plywood deals with harsh weather environments better than other types of treated plywood. Although strong, marine plywood will succumb to the constant moisture and rot. Applying a West System epoxy coating to the plywood after installation will keep moisture from contacting the plywood. A solid epoxy coating is required to fully protect and extend the life on the marine plywood installed in your boat or a structure located in moist environments.

Pour solvent on a clean rag. Wipe the surface of the marine plywood with the dampened rag to remove contaminants from the wood.

Sand the surface of the cleaned plywood with 80-grit sandpaper. Wipe the plywood a second time with the solvent-dampened rag. Dry the plywood with a hairdryer.

Slide a foam roller cover onto a roller handle.

Mix the amount of West System resin and hardener in a paint roller pan that you can apply to the plywood before it hardens.

Roll the foam roller cover in the mixed epoxy. Roll the epoxy onto the surface of the marine plywood, working the epoxy in a 24-inch-square area.

Remove the roller marks from the epoxy by dragging a foam roller brush in a long straight line across the tacky epoxy.

Repeat the process to coat the entire surface of the plywood with epoxy.


  • Be sure to coat the marine plywood in a well-ventilated area.


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