How to Assemble an Ozark Trail Tent

How to Assemble an Ozark Trail Tent

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Ozark Trail tents are inexpensive dome style tents that have solid construction and high quality materials. Fiberglass poles with stainless steel or aluminum grommets, reinforced corners, waterproof floor and removable rainfly all come standard on the Ozark Trail dome tents. Designed to fit two, four, or even six people, the Ozark Trail tent line has a model to fit many needs. Assembling Ozark Trail dome tents is relatively easy and can take as little as 5 to 10 minutes.

Items you will need

  • Tent and accessories

  • Hammer

Unpack the tent and lay each bundle of pieces in a separate area. Make sure you have all poles and stakes as well as the rainfly. Unroll the tent on the area in which it will be pitched. Situate the door shield the interior from harsh weather, wind, and direct sun.

Pounding the stakes into the cloth loops at each corner and the middle of each side of the tent. Assemble the fiberglass poles by snapping each section into the metal endcaps. There will be two poles of similar length, a very long pole, and a shorter pole.

Slide one of the similar length poles in the line of loops that cut diagonally accross the top of the tent. Do the same thing with the other pole across the loops that cut diagonally across the tent. Slide the long pole in the loops going around the front door and snap the ends into the grommets on the bottom of the tent.

Pick up the rainfly and slide the short fiberglass pole through the door sleeve. The pole will bend and give the door its circular shape. Throw the rainfly over the tent and tie each of the four corners to the corresponding corner of your tent.


  • Do not bend the poles excessively as they can break.


  • You may need an assistant to hold the poles while you lift parts of the tent or put the rainfly over the tent.
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