How to Remove Paint From Aluminum Siding

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Removing paint from aluminum siding may seem challenging. There are many reasons why you may decide to get rid of the paint. You may have accidentally splattered some, you may wish to recoat it with a different color or you may want to get rid of the paint altogether. In a few simple steps, you will learn how to remove paint from aluminum siding.

Items you will need

  • Safety goggles

  • Dust mask

  • Rubber gloves

  • Pressure washer

  • SoyClean paint stripper

  • Razor blade

Put on your safety gear. This includes goggles, a dust mask and gloves. When working with paint particles, chips and paint stripper, your body must be protected. Debris can get into your eyes, you could breathe in harmful material or the stripper could damage your hands.

Use your pressure washer to peel the paint off the aluminum siding. The washer should use a pressure of around 300 PI for the maximum effect. Move the washer back and forth, covering the entire area. This should take off bits and pieces of the paint or an entire coat.

Use your SoyClean paint stripper. The remaining paint substance on the aluminum siding can be taken off with a paint stripper. SoyClean Paint Stripper is a non-toxic formula that removes paint from aluminum siding. The manufacturer states that this product is safe and effective, because it does not give off fumes and does not irritate the eyes or nose and you can remove it simply with water. Rub a generous coat of the SoyClean paint stripper on the aluminum siding. Then use a regular hose to remove the paint and stripper from the aluminum siding.

Take the razor blade to any remaining paint left on the aluminum siding. A razor blade can remove the rest of the paint if the last two Steps do not complete the job.


  • Remember to read all directions and warnings on the back of the paint stripper of your choice.
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